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Tiffany White Sage Woman's Services
Spiritual Guidance 
Cosmic Heart Quantum Healing
Tiffany White Sage Woman provides Spiritual Insight and Divinely Guided Messages, via her Team of Divine Light Beings, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Elementals and Power Animals communicating with your Divine Team.

Sessions are via phone or video chat. 

1 hour sessions are via recorded video chat. A link will be provided within 12 hours of scheduled session.

30 minutes session ~ $80

1 hour session ~ $160
As Tiffany White Sage Woman is a Multi-Dimensional Conduit for Divine Healing, you will receive a combination of multiple Quantum Healing Modalities: Cosmic Heart Healing*, Atlantean Reiki Healing, Body Soul Fusion, Traditional Usui Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Run Valdr Power Healing, Shamanic Healing and Sound Healing during the Healing Session. 

Specific Sessions: (pick one)

 * Quantum Healing

 * Womb Healing 1 (you as a baby in your mother's        womb)

 * Womb Healing 2 (you as a mother and your child)

 * Holistic Health Assessment (Homeopathy and            Herbal)

Sessions are via recorded video chat. A link will be provided within 12 hours of scheduled session.

1 hour session ~ $160

1 1/2 hours session ~ $240
Steps to Book your Session:

1. Pre-payment is required via Venmo or CashApp. Click the link below and ENTER the amount (the price) of the session you wish to schedule. 

In the comments or notes add which session you are interested in and your email address.

2. Once payment info has been received, Tiffany will contact you to schedule your appointment. It can take 12 to 24 hours (especially during holidays) for Tiffany to get back with you.

Terms of Service and Purchase: All Services do not encourage, teach or promote any kind of medical diagnosis or promise to cure an already existing medical condition. It does not focus on dis-ease but simply acknowledges it and instead focuses on perfect Health and Well-Being.

When you purchase a service with Tiffany White Sage Woman and Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc, you are agreeing with the following terms and conditions: Tiffany is not a medical professional and her services do not replace medical care for humans or animals. She cannot treat, nor cure, an illness. Her services do not replace psychiatric care. She is not liable for any decisions made by you before, during, or after a Session with her concerning your life and health in general. Everything discussed in a Holistic Healing and Guidance Session is completely confidential.​

You are purchasing a private holistic session and service. No Refunds. By continuing with this transaction and submitting your payment, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. 
* What is Cosmic Heart Healing?

Cosmic Heart Healing is a high vibrational and high frequency simple system of homeostasis.  In 2016, Tiffany White Sage Woman was shown this form of advanced and powerful energy technique in a vision. Divine Feminine Beings brought in this purple, white and pink pulsating energy in a form of a Heart inside a merkaba symbol. 

The Universal Cosmic Heart in the Milky Way Galaxy and the Divine Mother’s Cosmic Aether, is 
the elemental substance (heart quintessence) returning to Earth/Terra/Gaia. This healing session supports building the communication bridge in the Solar Star Chakra, which is a horizontal shield in the 10th chakra that is the direct link to communicate with the frequency of Krystal Star or Christ Consciousness. 

By sounding one’s Sacred Heart Tone, a clarion call is sent to meet and feel personal Star family presence as it is requested in one’s personal Solar Star. Reclaiming the Divine Mother presence to the earth and humanity, the collaboration between ourselves and Christed representatives are made to return the Holy Trinity and Arc Codes back to the direct command of the Mother God Presence. We are requested to bring Mother Arc Portal presence to multiple gateways on this precious Biosphere (planet) and all her Harmonic Frequencies: Earth, Terra, Gaia and beyond. 

Unblock your connection to the Divine Universal Cosmic Heart which leads to not only optimal Health and Wellness but also re-connects you with your Higher Self, Light Body or Rainbow Body.