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​ At Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc  the focus is on providing quality Holistic Services and products that assist in Balancing the most 'Sacred Temple' of all ... your body! 

From personal experience, one of the problems with traditional care is that doctors usually dictate solutions and may get defensive and agitated when their solutions are questioned.

You really do know your body and what you need to facilitate self healing. Self healing occurs when you are an active participant in your own healing.  

Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman will spend real one on one time with you to explore the best options for bringing balance back and maintaining that balance for your optimal health and wellness. Working with Rev. Tiffany, as a team, you are the empowered driver (force) in your healing process.

As we create a harmonious environment for healing, our overall health improves. Another bonus is that this mind, body and soul balanced alignment supports a smoother Ascension process with Grace and Ease. 

Holistic Healing to restore your Inner Balance