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Product Endorsement
We take pride in our endorsement of quality products. All of the products listed here are from trusted brands that have been tested and positively experienced by Goldylocks Temple of Healing, LLC.*

If you have any questions regarding the product, please contact the owner/seller of the product, via their website.

If you have any questions regarding endorsements of these products, or would like to have your product tested, and listed here, please contact us:
A new, alkaline, non-acid forming wheatgrass coffee.The multinutritional combination of ingredients in this BioCoffee improves the absorption and replenishes the loss of calcium caused by caffeine, satisfying the craving for coffee while maintaining health.

On a personal note, BioCoffee is delicious! I have more energy and feel better physically. 

Also, this is also my first commercial appearance! (Yes, that is me at the end.)


Place your order at the official site www.12DayBioCoffeeChallenge.com  and receive FREE SHIPPING when you order 3 or more boxes. 
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
* Please Note: Goldylocks Temple of Healing, LLC, is not held liable or responsible for any dissatisfaction in your purchase or experience with any of these products. 
Ja'Mi is a line of all-natural Body, Bath & Spiritual Products created by Robin Gil in Las Vegas, NV.

The integrity of Ja'Mi's Body and Spiritual Products evolved after diligent and careful research regarding the benefits of essential oils, vitamins, natural bases and other natural ingredients which are combined in Ja'Mi's exclusive recipes.

Ja' Mi
Sacred Geometry Jewelry
Spiritual jewelry by artist David Weitzman.

Copper Pyramids
The pyramids and other creations are all handmade and copper. You won't find other pieces like this for the price and quality anywhere else. 

Pyramid energy will:

~ Sharpen razor blades.
~ Restore the luster to tarnished jewelry and coins.
~ Purify water.
~ Mummify and dehydrate meat, eggs and other food.
~ Help keep milk fresh and prevent souring without refrigeration.
~ Dehydrate flowers without losing their form or color.
~ Increase the growth rate of plants.
~ Help attain increased relaxation.
~ Improves the taste of coffee, wine and certain fruit juices.
~ Promotes healing of cuts, bruises and burns, as well as reduces pain from toothaches and headaches. 
These wonderful products actually cleanse the air that we breathe via the same basic process as those widely advertised synthetic ionizing machines. The difference is that these products look much better and cost much less. In a nutshell, when the salt is heated from a bulb or flame, it releases negative ions into the air. Most pollutants and allergens are positively charged ions. When the negative ions created from the heated salt enter the air, they bond with the positively charged ions of the pollutants and allergens thereby neutralizing them. The bonding of these negative and positive ions can cause the harmful air particles to become heavier and drop to the ground removing them from the air circulation, which cleans the breathable air in the home. These negative ions from the heated salt lamps and candle holders also neutralize the deleterious effects of electronic devices in the home. These lamps and candle holders have also been shown to help people with asthma, allergies, and a host of other diseases.
Spiritual Book Reviews 
​By Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman on her YouTube Channel

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Mystical Mojo Boxes provide tools to gently aid in raising the vibration of your Mind, Body & Soul.

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Etherium Gold

Focused Brain 
Natural Monatomic Minerals

Plaque Off for Cats and Dogs
​By ProDen

For Bad Breath, Tartar and Plaque
Simply add to food

I got tired of struggling to brush my dogs teeth, only for plaque to still show up! I researched a natural way for plaque removal and came across this product. I have been putting this in my dogs food, at dinner time, for about a year now. Their teeth look wonderful! Even our vet is impressed.

 Available through Amazon. 
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