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Being an ordained Spiritual, Inter-Denominational Minister, Reverend Tiffany is aware of most religions in the world and accept all paths to God and Universal Consciousness.

 A Spiritual Minister is one who lives by the Universal Laws and counsels others so they can attain a Harmonious Balance in their lives. Frequently emotional issues and confusing situations are the result of a dis-connection between one's heart (soul center) and the mind. Then the mind takes over with fears and others opinions creating confusion and disharmony in the body.  A Spiritual Minister helps one sort that out and rediscover or reconnect with the true self - soul.

A Non-Denominational Minister avoids affiliation with any denomination, while an Inter-Denominational Minister embraces all paths, all Harm None paths, to God/Creator; all denominations. The Services offered are all Spiritual based and compliments all Beliefs and Ideals.
Reverend Tiffany offers sincere spiritual counseling and guidance, genuine personal growth, and advice revealing the Pure Truth. Even though the Truth can be painful at first, we work through this discomfort by recognizing and understanding the lessons learned in the painful situation. The goal is to experience understanding, happiness and Healing.

Pre-Marriage Counseling is also offered.

Sessions are a suggested donation of $60 per hour. 

*** No charge for Veterans, Active Duty and Emergency Responders. ***

Rev. Tiffany is a Veteran Military Wife. Her husband is retired U.S. Navy (Submarine Force) and she was the Command's Ombudsman for one and half years. Her Ombudsman training and experience includes: Crisis Response and Management; Handling Difficult, Angry People;Stress and Burnout; Suicide; Addiction-Alcohol and Drugs and Team Building and Networking advanced training courses. 
Commitment/Wedding Ceremonies

Offering a wide variety of wedding and commitment services, Reverend Tiffany will work closely with you or your planner to make this your most memorable day ever. Nothing is out of the ordinary, if you can think and imagine it as a ceremony, she can help you make it happen.
Marriage licenses must be obtained before your ceremony can be performed. Licenses are available from your local County Clerks Office.
Suggested Donation:

Commitment Ceremony ~ $50
Renew Vows Ceremony ~$50
Wedding Rehearsal ~ $50
Informal Ceremony ~ $200
Formal Ceremony ~ $300
Deposit (for Wedding Ceremonies only) ~ $50

 For events requiring an overnight stay, lodging and travel expenses are extra (billed separately). A non-refundable $50 cancellation fee (the deposit) will be accessed if your ceremony or requested service is not canceled in writing (includes email and text message) within 24 hours of the date of the ceremony. (excludes emergency situations)
Spiritual Baby Blessing

​The beautiful children being born now are coming in totally 'awake'. They carry rare qualities and gifts that have never existed on Earth before. This sometimes make it difficult for them to be fully embodied into our dense, chaotic world. They often need spiritual support. To help them integrate and thrive without losing touch with the magic of their souls, Rev. Tiffany is offering this ceremony that includes a focused energetic/shamanic Blessing and a Soul Body Fusion®.

Naming Ceremony

The purpose of a Naming Ceremony is to present the new individual to the community. It ensures that the child is a part of something greater, and places the child under the protection of those present. As part of this, the parents may wish to appoint Guardians for their child. This position is similar to the Christian concept of Godparents. When choosing Guardians, make certain that they understand this is not the same as a legal guardian, but a symbolic position. 

The Naming Ceremony isn't just for babies or children. Adults who have received a Native American/Shaman or a Spiritual Name can have this ceremony as well. Ancestors, Elders, and Spirit Guides are Channeled for this naming process. 

Please note: A Naming Ceremony is not a legal name change. 

Spiritual Baby Blessing and Naming Ceremony is a donation of $50 per ceremony; or can be combined into one ceremony.
To Donate, click on the Paypal link  >>>>>>> https://www.paypal.me/whitesagewoman

Enter the Donation amount.

~ Once notification from PayPal has been received, (usually immediate), Rev. Tiffany will notify you to schedule your session or event.

Note: You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this service.
Spiritual Counseling 
The Symbol of the Wedding Rings

Whether in a traditional wedding, or a modern civil relationship, the giving of rings, is a token of love which links two-hearts - as one.

From ancient times, the symbol of the “Circle in the form of a Ring,” has been the sacred token, of oneness, continuity, and unity, the outward meaning, of an eternal reality. The unbroken circle symbolizes eternal love, and time without end. As such, the “Wedding Bands”, signify everlasting love, which continues, into eternity. The circle denotes wholeness and completeness in marriage.

Ancient Egyptians were some of the first people, known in recorded documents, to use wedding bands. The circle was a powerful image, in their society. The ring is both an inward and outward signal which symbolizes, immortality and never-ending life for two-souls. In those far off days it was considered that the fourth finger of the ‘left hand’, contained a ‘special vein’, which was directly linked, to the heart, creating a connection, from hand-to-heart. The left hand, was chosen over the right, because, it was closer to the heart, strengthening the connection.

The reflection of the ‘Circle’ is both ‘Gold and Silver’ the Sun by day, and the Moon by night - perpetual light - and so, may it rein upon those who seek and find inner-peace through love and oneness.
Ministry Services