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For my Holistic Health Clients (Local and Long Distance, within the USA): This product is available for purchase after your Health Assessment and Healing Session. Contact me for more information.

THR Technologies: The Leading Edge of Nutraceutical Cannabis. THR Technologies is a division of Quicksilver Scientific, the leader in nutraceutical delivery systems. Sublingual nano serums bring the power of intravenous therapy into convenient oral delivery. The therapeutic power of cannabis is enhanced through nano encapsulation into smaller, more stable single-layer spheres known as “liposomes.” Liposomes are microscopic spheres made of phospholipids, which are the building blocks of cell membranes. By encapsulating compounds such as cannabinoids in phospholipids, manufacturers can create fast-acting sublingual products that bypass the digestive processes which limit absorption. Well-engineered liposomes demonstrate the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and enhance the lymphatic circulation of therapeutic compounds. 

THR differentiates from competitors by offering a discreet/smoke-free diabetic-friendly alternative to flower, concentrates, vapes and gummies. Rapid uptake sublingual nano serums are also an outstanding alternative to slow-acting tinctures, which often produce disappointing results.
Nanoemulsified Hemp Oil 
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