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Additional Healing Services
3 Day Distance Clearing, Healing & 
Abundance Activation for Business Package

Energetically Clear, Heal and Activate your Abundance for your Business. As a Multi Dimensional Healing Practitioner, Rev. Tiffany is attuned to channel Divine Cosmic Healing Energy. Along with this energy, Feng Shui and Space Clearing (Clearing out of balance energies, EMFs, Geopathic and Electrosmog) are utilized to un-clutter, re-energize and balance the workplace. After all, our business also affects our Holistic Harmony. 

This Healing energy knows exactly where to go and is directed for the highest good of your business, every morning and night, for 3 consecutive days. That's a total of 6 sessions. Remember, everything IS energy and everything can be affected and corrected at an energetic level.

Activate and Expand your Business to clear blockages, boost abundance magnetism and attract more clients and sales. Regardless if you have a brick and mortar store, a home office or even the ‘money’ area of your home, this service is very much needed as technology continues to expand. Technology isn’t going backwards and that means that our exposure to EMFs and low vibrational energy has the potential to grow each year.

Once you’ve purchased this business package, Rev. Tiffany will contact you within 48 hours via email to schedule a phone consult. This phone consult will assist in identifying your business’ strengths and weaknesses. After your phone consult, the first day of the 3 day session will begin, within 48 hours, and will continue for 3 days. The 3 days are in consecutive order.  


Distance Clearing, Healing & Abundance Activation for your Home
* Clutter
* Computers, TVs and other Electronics
* WiFi and/or a Smart Electric Meter
* Sickness, Disharmony and/or Dis-ease
Energetically Clear, Heal and Activate your Abundance for your Home. Utilizing Feng Shui and Space Clearing, Clearing out of balance energies, EMFs, Geopathic and Electrosmog, Rev. Tiffany will assist in un-cluttering, re-energizing and balancing the energies of your Home, creating a Sacred Space of Abundance, Harmony and Peace. 

​Once you have purchased this Service, Rev. Tiffany will contact you to schedule your 1 Hour Session. The Healing and Clearing Session will be via phone or video chat.